General Photography

this London family photographerIf there is anything that you will need to know well ahead of time, it would have to be the fact that family photo shoots are no walks in the park. This is particularly true when there are kids involved. If you have no prior experience when it comes to handling kids, this might blow your mind altogether. However, try to take things slow and take things a step at a time. This way, you do not end up becoming a little too overwhelmed when it all comes down to it. What is important is that you get to brace yourself for what is coming up ahead. When you get to expect the worst of the worst and you actually mentally and physically prepare you for it, it actually makes things so much easier to deal with. It will be very hard to shock you out of your reverie if you were already expecting difficulties to begin with. It’s all about mind conditioning.

Posing can at times be a bit unnecessary during family photo shoots.

You can say goodbye to all of your posing tips whenever you have a family photo shoot under way. It will always turn out to be so much better if you go ahead and sort of play things by ear as you progress in your family photo shoot. Again, you will need to zero back to the fact that you will be dealing with kids during the family photo shoots that you get to book with your clients. Kids don’t really respond well to authority or to instructions. This is a reality that you will need to deal with as a family photographer. Instead of beating yourself up over the things that you can’t control, you might as well go for a documentary approach and let things unfold as you go along instead.

Get your important shots over and done with during the first part of the family photo shoot.

If the clients actually require an itinerary list of shots one way or the other, then you should probably attempt to get it done right away. As much as possible, get things taken care of during the first few parts of the family photo shoot. You might have some degree of success getting the kids to pose the kind of poses that you would like them to initiate but you need to work fast. Children are not known for their lengthy patience. They can tick off any time and without prior knowledge. This is why you need to be methodical and speedy with the pictures that you need to take at the end of the day.

Keep the heads together.

Like this London family photographer, try to keep the level of the heads of the different family members at more or less the same level as much as possible. This can be tough. The dad will usually be taller than the mom. The parents will always be so much taller than the kids. One technique for you to achieve this would be to get all family members to sit down.

Wedding Photography

Skill level

wedding photographer in hertfordshireThe first thing that you need to consider when you are checking out photography courses is the skill level that you are currently in as a photographer. You need to make it a point to be really honest with yourself whenever you are out there looking for photography courses that you might possibly go ahead and enroll yourself in at the end of the day. There is no need to blow things up. If you honestly think in your heart of hearts that your level as a professional photographer is that of an absolute newbie, then there really is no need for you to become embarrassed about it when it all comes down to it.

Consider the things that you are quite capable of as a wedding photographer in Hertfordshire and the things that you are not. Go ahead and use these considerations as some sort of guide to see which photography courses will fit you and the skill level that you are currently in as a photographer. The thing about photography courses is that you need to go ahead and start off with something that is really basic and something that you will be able to really absorb. Once you check out anything a little too advanced for your range as a photographer, then you will most likely end up not learning everything that you need to learn in the first place. Go for something that you can digest, in terms of info and skill level, and try to go ahead and take things a step at a time while you are at it.


Think about the theme being offered out by these photography courses as well. You need to think about what kind of theme you would like to go ahead and get into as a photographer. What particular niche are you the most interested in? What kind of photography style do you see yourself specializing in as a photographer somewhere down the road? These are things that you will need to determine ahead of time before you out there looking for photography courses for you to enroll yourself in. photography courses are things that cost a lot of money and you are also going to end up spending or investing a lot of time to complete them as well. You might as well make sure that you go for something that will absolutely fit well with your personality and interests as a photographer. You will eventually get to develop your own personality and preferences as a photographer but you need something to start off with and you can check that out based off of the photography course that you would like to enroll yourself into at the end of the day. Would you like to specialize as a documentary wedding photographer, as a traditional wedding photographer or as something else?

Try to see if the schedule is something that you can follow through on from start to finish.

Most of these photography courses come along with regular classes with rigid schedules. You might not be able to follow through with an actual strict schedule so online classes might be something that you might want to have on the books.

Wedding Photography

Be spontaneous in everything that you do as a professional London wedding photographer.

Bristol based wedding photographerA professional wedding photographer like you needs to make certain that you always get to live in the moment as much as possible. Make it a point to constantly think on your feet all of the time. This is the only way for you, a wedding photographer, to more or less get things the right way at the end of the day. Although you might have your plans at some point or so, you do not have to be all that set in your ways. Make room for the things that happen in the moment and make sure that you get to make the most out of them. It’s really not all that hard to check out and you don’t have to be overly worried about it either. For as long as you take things a step at a time and for as long as don’t end up overwhelming yourself with all of the tasks that you need to go through with, you should be just fine. Spontaneity is something that you should welcome with open arms as much as possible. Don’t be overly set in your ways and good pictures should progress naturally.

Factor in the possibility of dealing with kids.

There will always be kids in the equation one way or the other and you should always check out when it all comes down to it. Kids are not the easiest people for a wedding photographer to deal with. They don’t follow instructions. It can be very hard toget them under control when they start getting rowdy. However, amidst all of this, one thing that will put your mind to rest is the reality that they are some of the most photogenic subjects that you will ever get to work with. Make sure that you do not end up trying to control them because this is something that will take a lot away from the moment and you certainly wouldn’t want anything like that. Kids are great to work with. Capture their innocence the proper way and your photos will surely come out looking great.

Have the right paradigm.

A professional London wedding photographer should always have the right paradigm during weddings. Think of it as a chance for you to go ahead and springboard your career to entirely new heights. This is what you should set your mind to all of the time and this is the kind of thing that you should take the time to really set yourself up to when it all comes down to it. Don’t think of it as just another day in the job. The moment that you start doing that, you start losing interest in the kind of work that you do.

A white sheet can make your life so much better.

A roll of white sheet will not cost you too much money but it will make your life so much easier and so much more convenient if you have one along with you. This is particularly true during outdoor shoots. Have the bride step on it so that she doesn’t end up getting her dress soiled.

Learning Photography, Wedding Photography

Set aside time for portrait taking sessions

wedding photographyAs a destination wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you get to set aside some extra time for the portrait taking sessions. Portraiture is something extremely important to wedding photography and that’s a fact. This is doubly more so when you are are set in an exotic destination somewhere abroad at some point or so. You need to understand that when it all comes down to it, you really need to get the portrait taking sessions down pat. You will be missing out on a whole lot of portrait taking opportunities if you do not set aside enough time for the portrait shots to be taken the right way before the actual wedding photo shoot comes to an end. Plan out the portrait shots so that you don’t end up wasting time in between takes. You already know where you’re headed for once one scene is done.

Never ever let your gear out of your site.

As a destination wedding photographer, you will be doing a lot of traveling. You need to make sure that you anticipate the possibility of your luggage getting lost. The thing about traveling is that things tend to get lost all the time. Although that is something that may every well come in with the territory, you have to make sure that your gear doesn’t get lost somewhere along the way. Nothing could ever be more frustrating than arriving at the destination and you find out that your gear was halfway around the world in the opposite direction. Invest in a camera bag that is standard sized and allowable for hand-carry so that you never have to part with it whenever you are traveling.

In that same light, make sure that you get to pack your shooting outfit along with your handcarry stuff as well.

Dressing up during the weddings can be a bit of a hassle and it can be doubly so if you are the official wedding photographer for that wedding. You need to plan your outfit out ahead of time. More than that, you need to make sure that you get to pack it along with your gear. So the same principle pretty much applies to the above. You need to bring it along with you no matter where you go and you need to make sure that you never ever part with it the entire time that you are en route to the wedding location.

Bring along printed copies of locations and schedules as well as directions.

You might not have internet connection there. Not having access to the internet is an all too common problem and something that you should prepare well enough for. Make sure that aside from your soft copies of your itinerary, maps, and so on and so forth, you also have them down on paper. This way, you have something to use as a referral in case your phone doesn’t get reception or in case you don’t have WIFI to connect to at the end of the day.

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Purchase the proper kind of software if you are planning to set up a photo booth hire business.

photo booth hire servicesStarting out with any kind of business, for that matter, can be quite tough. This is no different. Technically speaking, you are going to need special equipment as well as software programs that will allow you to run the photo booth hire service the right way. This is not the kind of thing that you should be skimping on. Take note of the fact that you will end up using this software program for years and years or at least all throughout the time that you are planning to go ahead and stay in the photo booth hire business. You might as well make sure that it will be well worth the effort and that you will not end up with embarrassing photos somewhere along the way. The prime highlights of what you should be looking for when you are out shopping for a software program are touch screen compatibility, green screen compatibility, and wireless device compatibility. There are a bunch of other things that you can add on to that but those three are the basics for what could amount to a fairly decent software program for your photo booth hire.

Extra ink and paper supplies will really get to save the day in photo booth hire services.

Although you would probably want to, the thing is, the moment that the event starts, you are pretty much locked in for good. Leaving your station will be deemed as unprofessional and more than that, it is something that your clients may see as a bit unfair, given the fact that they are actually billed by the hour. You might come across certain complaints because of this. It would be far better if you just take care of it well ahead of time. Just make sure that you don’t ever run out of ink or of paper supplies the entire time that you are there. Always bring extra supplies along with you so that you will be able to save yourself the embarrassment and possible complications brought out of putting your services on hold because you don’t have enough supplies to last you all throughout the event that you are shooting when it all comes down to it. You’re not really going to lose anything if you have more than you need because you can always use those extra supplies for your next photo booth hire services gig.

Check out advertising costs

Make it a point to check out the advertising costs of your photo booth hire business as well as the kind of pricing scheme that you would like to introduce to your potential clients. Before an amount even flies out of your mouth, make sure that you have accounted for all of the costs that come along with your service. You need to get most of those things assessed and checked out first before you mention it to your clients. Study it well and don’t be careless with it. Earning money is the main motivation from getting a business set up in the first place. Make sure that you don’t lose sight of that.

Wedding Photography

Initiate an ocular visit of the wedding venue if you are planning to shoot a wedding as the official wedding photographer.

wedding venueYou need to find out as much as you possibly can about the wedding venue ahead of time so that you will be familiar and comfortable enough with the photo shoot during the actual wedding day. Ask your clients about the wedding venue. Ask them to describe the place, what the square footage is, where you will be positioned as a wedding photographer Cornwall, and how the rest of the setup will turn out to be. When you are fully acquainted with the details of how the wedding venue is set up, you will find it easy to navigate your way around things and you won’t have too much of a hard time with it at the end of the day. Most of the clients will not really know right off the bat how important something like this could turn out to be for you and you need to make it a point to really initiate the discussion with them and bring this to their attention. For most of your clients, this is most likely their first and probably their last rodeo and you are the only veteran here so you might as well guide them thru it.

Include an engagement shoot as a freebie and as a way for you to practice your shots as a wedding photographer.

This is one of the best ways for you to set up a pitch especially if you are still dealing with potential clients who have not really made the solid decision to hire you as their wedding photographer just yet. If there is anything that can tip the scales to your favor, it would have to be the mention of a free shoot on the side other than the usual stuff that are being promised and that are being offered out to them when it all comes down to it. At the same time, you will also get to acquaint yourself with the actual wedding venue because you will be shooting there in the first place. Try to see if you can arrange to visit the place at around the same time of the day that the wedding is also happening so that you can see how the lighting situation will turn out to be when it all comes down to it.

Research as much as you can about the wedding venue.

Read up on the website if you have the time to go ahead and do so as a wedding photographer Cornwall. There are a lot of wedding venues that actually offer virtual tours in their websites. This will make it easy for you to get a glimpse of the place if it is a bit difficult for you to actually go ahead and see the place in person. Like other cornwall wedding photographers, make sure that you get to read up on reviews of the place as well so that you can get a feel of how things will turn out to be once you actually get there.

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Take shots of the bride, groom and siblings

wedding photographyMake it a point to include the bride and groom and their individual sibling shots in the album that you are trying to bring together as a wedding photographer. There have been so many instances wherein the  wedding photographer has become so busy with the things that he needs to cover and with all of the important shots that he should be taking that he has completely forgotten the must-have shot of the couple with each of their siblings. Although this might not exactly come off of the very top of the important moments that you need to go ahead and document as a wedding photographer, this is still something that your clients will end up looking forward to at the end of the day. You have to understand that although weddings are mainly about couples falling in love and making that love public out to the rest of the world, it is also mainly a coming together of two families as well and that is what you should always try to document whenever you have the means or the opportunity to do so as a wedding photographer. Don’t neglect the sibling shots. Bring in some variety in the shots that you are taking as much as you possibly can just to shake things up a bit while you are at it. Get to know who the siblings are right from the start so that you will be able to identify them during the posed shots.

Include the older members of the family in the photo shoot as well.

The older members of the family are usually the ones who get neglected the most but their presence would turn out to be the most treasured, particularly for those families that have great respect for their elders. You need to make sure that you get to observe the same kind of respect for the older members of the family by remembering to get them documented the right way. It tends to pay out if you pay attention to which family members are close to the couple in particular. You need to make sure that when it all comes down to it, they are given enough homage in the photos that you get to take as a professional wedding photographer hampshire. Mind you, it really does not have to be anything too over the top or anything too much when it all comes down to it but it will surely be evident in your photos if you pay attention to the way that you compose their photos and if you go through the trouble to call their attention to go ahead and pose for you.

As a wedding photographer, you should also not miss out on the well meaning work mates who took time out of their day to be there for the couple. Sure, family members and close friends always come first but don’t neglect the well meaning work mates as well. Include them in the itinerary of shots that you list down so that you don’t forget about them.

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Not checking the spirit leveler.

tripodMost of the tripods out there actually come with a spirit leveler. This is something that you can really get to use as a wedding photographer. In your industry and in your craft, you will oftentimes be working with really bulky camera equipment. It can be quite difficult to balance them off all of the time. Luckily enough, you don’t have to gauge things simply by sight though. The spirit leveler is actually there to let you know exactly whether your tripod placement is imbalanced or not. You should be able to tell right then and there because the spirit leveler is something that moves along with the placement of the tripod. Although most people don’t really feel as if they have a need for this nifty little tripod feature, this is something that can turn out to save your equipment somewhere in the long run as a wedding photographer. You will be shooting in a lot of different locations as a wedding photographer. There will be certain locations that might come with terrains that don’t really provide the flattest or the most stable of surfaces for your tripod to be set up on. The spirit leveler is something that can really come in handy in ensuring that the tripod is perfectly placed equilibrium wise before you leave the camera and lens on top of it unassisted.

Not using the hook under the tripod head.

Most of the lenses that you will end up working with as a wedding photographer are long lenses. The focal length of these lenses can turn out to be a bit of a problem in the long run because of the fact that it would be very difficult to balance the tripod off and make sure that it does not flip over from the extensive weight of the lenses that you are attaching to your camera. There is actually a hook under the tripod head that will allow you to hang a weighted bag on it so that it does not end up flipping over in the long run. You don’t have to bring in extra weights or anything special for this. Any any bag will do. You can even use your camera bag to weigh the tripod down. Anything that you will be able to get your hands on during that particular moment should work out just fine. Use it and take advantage of it because although they can be useful, long lenses are incredibly hard to balance off on a tripod.

Not using snow shoes on the tripod legs during tricky photo shoots.

This is particularly true for instances wherein you are installing the tripod on questionable surfaces such as snow or sand. You can’t afford to allow it to sink down. Reduce the surface area tension by putting on some rubber caps on the legs so that they don’t end up sinking. Outdoor shoots can be tricky but that does not mean that you should forgo using your tripod as a Lincolnshire wedding photographer altogether.

Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsWhen you are looking into hiring Mallorca wedding photographers at some point or so, you need to know what you should be looking for in order for you get the most out of the money that you are paying out at the end of the day. The thing with hiring Mallorca wedding photographers is that they usually come in with a premium. This is mainly because they have certain specialties and certain strengths that are not really all that available from your usual run of the mill wedding photographers out there. However, being a wise consumer and client, you still need to make sure that you are not coming up with the shorter end of the stick for as far as the agreement is concerned. Here are a few tips and tricks in order for you to find out what to watch out for when you are looking for Mallorca wedding photographers to check out.

Check out the photography style of the Mallorca wedding photographers you are thinking about hiring.

It is important that you are able to identify ahead of time what kind of photography style you are looking for so that you can go ahead and filter your searches from there. It is always so much better for you to find out what you are looking for instead of just aimlessly shooting out into thin air. When you get to express right out what you are requiring from the wedding photographer that you are planning to hire, you will be able to filter out those Mallorca wedding photographers that don’t really fit the bill or that don’t really make the cut at the end of the day. This will get to save you so much frustration and disappointment in the long run. Are you looking for Mallorca wedding photographers who specialize in reportage or documentary style or do you prefer wedding photographers who are more of into portrait photography or more of into the traditional style of photography? It is important that you get to identify this at the beginning of the agreement so that the Mallorca wedding photographers that you get to hire will know how to handle or manage the photo shoot as well because they already know what kind of vibe they will be going for.

Take a look at the kind of rates that you are willing to shell out.

What kind of budget are you planning to work with? It is always important for the client to identify the price ceiling for the services of the professional Mallorca wedding photographers because there are a lot of variances that can come up somewhere along the way. This will also get to save you a lot of time. There are some Mallorca wedding photographers that might have a minimum rate that might not exactly work out for what you have in mind. Perhaps you will need to adjust your budget a little bit based on what you are asking for your Mallorca wedding photographers and vice versa. Whatever the terms or the rates may be, state it right out so that you will be able to hammer out a pretty good and transparent deal right there and then.

Wedding Photography

Put in relevant content

wedding photography tipsYou need to focus on putting in relevant content when you are trying to go ahead and cultivate your social media presence as a professional wedding photographer. This may sound like something that is fairly easy to go ahead implement but if you have never really started a business social media profile before and you have only worked on your own personal profiles for pleasure, this can turn out to be so much harder than you would actually think.

Exercise control

The first thing that you will need to really keep in mind would be to exercise control above all things. You can’t just sporadically share stuff that you may find interesting during that very moment. You need to make sure that you are able to check things out and really delve deeper into things before you go ahead and decide to post anything when it all comes down to it. Social media can easily turn out to be quite a bottomless pit hole of time as well. You need to keep things in check as much as possible so that you don’t end up investing more than enough time in developing your social media presence as a wedding photographer.

Start blogging

If you haven’t taken up blogging yet as a wedding photographer, then perhaps this is the right time for you to go ahead and do so. Launching your social media accounts with an active wedding photography blog can turn out to be a really good idea when it all comes down to it because of the fact that the blog will give you a venue for you to be able to share your opinions along with any other wisdom that you may have gleaned all throughout your experience as a professional wedding photographer while sharing the blog content on your social media accounts will more or less be able to really blast it out to the rest of all of the other followers and to the rest of the audiences, giving your blog far more traction than it normally would have gotten if you have not gone through the lengths of sharing it on social media one way or the other when it all comes down to it.

Include photos and videos

Try to see if you will be able to include photos and videos as much as possible in your social media posts as well. Studies have shown that posts that have interesting pictures and videos alongside the actual text content can actually turn out to boost the posts and audience engagement even more on social media. Try to remember that when you are trying to come up with something to post one way or the other. If you don’t have any blog posts to share or blast out through your social media accounts, you should still continue to post on a daily basis. Try to see if you can share links that lead to interesting info or articles that lead up to topics that are still fairly relevant to your particular industry in wedding photography and to what you do as a kent wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography

Work on your lighting.

wedding photographyThis doesn’t get stressed out enough but it really should. You need to know that being a wedding photographer basically equates to being a master of lighting as well. You need to learn how to manipulate it and play around with it. Your skills as a wedding photographer will be gauged depending on how great you are with the lighting aspects and how they all come into play during your wedding photography shoot. You need to make sure that this is ultimately something that you will be able to really pull off and navigate around like the back of your hand. There are so many different elements that come along with the execution of lighting that it will be next to impossible for you to get to learn them all overnight. Still, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to learn as much as you can about it. You don’t have a lot of time so you might as well squeeze in whatever you can squeeze in when it comes to trying to learn about how to manipulate lighting.

Try to observe it in any way that you can and try to see if you will be able to practice it on the daily.

Take your camera with you every day. Nothing is ever the same, even when you shoot at the same location and at the same time of the day. Something will always be different from the dust swirling with the wind, the clouds, the shadows, and so on and so forth. Light is both complex and interesting. You shouldn’t be intimidated by it but instead, you should be excited when it comes to playing around with it one way or the other.

Attend any workshops or any classes about lighting and how a wedding photographer will be able to use it.

This is a kind of investment that will go a long way because when it all comes down to it, it is ultimately an investment that you are making on yourself. Nothing ever goes to waste when you continue down this road. It is an ongoing and an ever progressing journey of learning and of accumulating knowledge about light and how those elements come into play so figure it out as much as you can and enjoy how things turn out in the photos that you produce as a professional Seattle wedding photographer.

Play around with the aspects of diffusion and textures.

Broad and soft light is always the best way to go because it brings out the best features out of someone’s face. That is technically the reason why professional wedding photographers opt for natural light more than anything else if it is something that is readily available during the moment when they are shooting the pictures. Educate yourself with the aspect of color temperatures as well. Train your eye on being able to identify things like these and make yourself as well versed in the topic as you possibly can. It will all get to pay off in the end if this is something that you will be willing to explore one way or the other.

Wedding Photography

wedding photography businessWedding photography is among the several forms of photography that professional photographers love to focus on. These photographers believe that shooting weddings are fun, interesting and can be a good source of income. They can offer different wedding photography packages to couples who look forward to keeping memories of their wedding through wedding photos.

Wedding photos taken by professional wedding photographers are considered important by newlyweds. Most couples do background check of potential wedding photographers before deciding which one to hire. For this reason, a wedding photographer must find ways to entice the clients into trusting him/her. The photographer must be able to convince customers that he/she is the best to hire.

Amateur wedding photographers might find it difficult at first to persuade clients to get their services. They need to find ways to get more clients to hire them. Well, if you are also an amateur wedding photographer, then here are some ways you can get more clients.

  1. Prepare marketing materials

You should have your marketing materials ready in case you get approached or you meet a potential customer. You need business cards with complete contact information, business tarp, several leaflets or magazines showing sample pictures. Your marketing materials must be attractive and detailed so more customers will be convinced and they can easily reach you.

  1. Actively join social events

Learn the upcoming wedding related events like bridal fairs, wedding company launching or trade fairs. You can meet fellow wedding vendors and professionals in these events which give you more chance to introduce yourself and your business. You should also try to get in touch with event organizes in your area and ask for permission to shoot pictures. Even if it is not a wedding event, you can still appear and reach out to more people. You can hand out your business card, business leaflet or brochure so you can build more exposure to your business.

  1. Set up a website for your business

With the modern, fast-paced technology we have now, a lot of people are checking online when looking for products and services. This is an advantage for business owners including wedding photographers like you. Set up a website that shows what you do and what you have to offer. Include your best taken photos, contact information and even the photography courses you took. Post also interesting blogs that will make readers or potential clients come back to your site or recommend it to other people. Consider also creating accounts on popular social media sites because a lot of buyers today check social sites when looking for something. Make sure to entertain an reply to inquiries by allotting time each day to answering questions or feedbacks.

  1. Word of mouth by doing your best all the time

Nothing beats the word of mouth when it comes to marketing your photography business for free and effectively. Every project you work on, whether you are the primary wedding photographer or just the second shooter, you should always give it your best shot. Your client or their guests might like your work and recommend you to their friends or relatives who are looking for a wedding photographer.

Keep in mind also that a photographer’s personality matters a lot so be always nice, polite and respectful to the people you work with and your work for. It pays a lot to have an admirable personality.

General Photography

Sometimes, there will be instances or occasions where dreamy looking effects such as soft focus help enhance the qualities of a great photo. This is specially the case in portrait photography or those done by a shropshire wedding photographer where such effects are being done to give a soothing effect to otherwise unpleasant fine details such as skin pores.

As such, this effect is not the same as blurring at least the elements of the image in question as the former still preserves the fine detail rather than blurring it away.

So how can a photo achieve such effects? There are a number of options available.

Soft Focus Filter

Probably the easiest and most obvious way to achieve this effect is to purchase a soft focus filter that you can place in front of your camera’s lens

Generally these filters are quite high quality, reducing the contrast of the image and adding a slight glow, while not having much effect on the resolution. On the other hand, they can be expensive, and if you want to adjust the amount of softness, you will have to purchase multiple filters in different strengths.


Clear filter plus Vaseline

If purchasing filters cost too much for your budget, there is an alternative available, using a clear glass filter and then putting some vaseline (petroleum jelly) on it.

For the glass filter, a cheap UV filter would do just fine, which is readily available online and in photography shops. The optical quality won’t be great, but as you’re going to be smearing vaseline all over the filter, that doesn’t really matter too much. Just be careful in putting too much vaseline on the filter (unless you want a really blurred effect). A tiny amount applied on the filter would do just fine.

With this technique, you can easily control the area of the frame will have the softening effect applied. You also get to control the amount of blur or glow by adding or removing vaseline from the filter.

Stockings over the lens

Another cheap DIY alternative is to stretch a piece of stockings or tights over the front of the lens. This thin material with its fine mesh acts as a diffusion filter, creating the softening effect. Just cut a piece of the stockings out large enough to stretch over the front of the lens and down the sides a bit. Then use an elastic band to hold it in place round the lens. The tighter the stretch, the less of an effect they will have.

Remember though that the color of the stockings can affect the color balance of the image. Black or gray stockings will be relatively neutral, while more flesh colored stockings may introduce a warmer color cast. (which is many cases can be a good thing)

You can also try using tulle netting, the material used for making bridal veils. This is available in a wide variety of mesh sizes and mesh shapes.

Adding the effect in post processing

A soft focus effect can also be achieved by taking an image shot normally, and then adding the effect using image editing software. One of the easiest ways to do this to use the clarity control feature present in Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom or in some other software, though it may have a different name like tonal contrast.


Clarity control affects the microcontrast of an image. Using a negative clarity value reduces the microcontrast in a similar way to using a real soft focus filter.

The benefit of this technique is that you can specify in the image or part of it exactly how much soft focus you want, made possible by tools such as the adjustment brush in Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom.

Using a soft focus lens

There are various soft focus lenses available that can give you soft images without the use of a soft focus filter. Many of these lenses allow you to control the degree of softness in an image through undercorrection or overcorrection for spherical aberration.

Wedding Planning

beach weddingIf you are looking forward to a wedding that is romantic, relaxing and practical, then a beach wedding might be the right one for you. You can celebrate your special day with the closest relatives and friends. It will be simple yet elegant, fabulous but not stressful. A beach wedding also usually has less decors which is one of the reasons why most couples find it practical.

Like other weddings, a beach wedding maybe more simple to prepare but still careful planning is necessary to make it a successful. Unlike traditional, indoor weddings where you can get plenty of tips and suggestions from friends, relatives and wedding professionals, a beach wedding is somehow new and so you will have to research further on how to make it work. Your planning must also be based on the exact location or beach resort.

There are many things you need to think about and to avoid making mistakes or forgetting something, a wedding checklist will be necessary. Write everything you need in it and cross out each one once done.

Below are some of the important things to consider when planning your beach wedding.

  1. Wedding Date

Picking a wedding date won’t be easy. You have to consider the availability of your guests especially if they have to travel to the beach venue. Try to choose a date that falls within the holidays, off-season or weekends. There are busy months but normally people are free on weekends. If the venue is quite popular, then it might get booked fast so you have to decide on the date early so you can reserve it. Furthermore, it is an advantage to choose a weekend date so your guests can possibly extend their stay in the resort and have a relaxing weekend.

  1. Location capacity and permits

In choosing a beach resort or venue, whether it is public or private you will have to find out the capacity of the place and the necessary permits. If the venue can accommodate your expected guests then ask what the necessary permits are. Some public beach requires a permit that takes months to acquire so you will have to do a research and gather all info.

  1. Information dissemination

Your guests will appreciate it if you provide them all information about the wedding venue. It can help them better prepare on what to bring, what outfit to wear and even how to get there. You can include the information in the invitation or give them a call so they can also confirm their attendance.

  1. Backup Plans

One of challenges of having a beach wedding is the weather. Even if you did a research and found out that a sunny weather is expected, it might suddenly change during the actual day so you will have to be prepared for it. Think of a possible evacuation area like in a tent or an indoor hall. Prepare also some umbrellas or other items that your guests can use to protect themselves from too much heat. If possible, schedule your wedding in the afternoon so the sun is no longer too bright.

  1. Professional help

Hiring wedding vendors is important in weddings and for a beach wedding, you will have to consider getting local wedding vendors. Find a wedding coordinator, photographer, florist and other wedding vendors within the area. They can provide the best suggestions and services since they are accustomed to the place. If you are in UK, you can contact this wedding photographer Buckinghamshire for professional wedding photography services.

A beach wedding can be successful and memorable if you have the right information and you plan it well. Go ahead and start planning your beach wedding now.

Wedding Planning

weddingsMarriage is considered one of the important stages of a man’s life. By getting married, we commit to being with our special someone and spending our life with him or her. We consider our marriage as sacred and for this reason we recognize the importance of a wedding. A wedding is a formal ceremony wherein the officiator announces a man and a woman as husband and wife.

Traditional weddings defined

Weddings come in different forms depending on the country or location, religion, and other factors. Most traditional weddings though are held in an indoor wedding venue like a church located in either of the couple’s hometown. After the wedding ceremony, the wedding party follows and is also held in an indoor setting.

Transition from Traditional to Modern

But well, with the modern society we have now, a lot of things have changed and even weddings are now celebrated in a different way. There are now weddings held at the beach, in a yacht or in another unique outdoor location. Many couples now choose to get married in a far place mostly in a vacation resort and this is what they term as destination wedding.

There are different reasons why people’s perception of a wedding had changed. Some thinks it is more practical to hold a beach wedding while others find it more exciting to tie the knot in a unique setting for it can give them more brilliant wedding photos. As we all know wedding photos are important for couples since these pictures represent the magnificent wedding they had and how wonderful their love story is.

And since most engaged couples are open to making their weddings unique, a lot of professionals are now enticing them into going a bit farther and deviating away from the traditional style. You can hear a lot of suggestion during the wedding planning and notice that there are weddings that are getting less the same than the traditional. The wedding dresses and outfits are more different, the themes and decors are also fresh

Choosing traditional or not

Now, is traditional wedding still popular? If you are to marry now, should you choose the traditional style or opt for more modern arrangement?

Well, yes traditional weddings are still popular in some countries or states. If you are unsure if traditional is worth choosing then try to check online to see what most engaged couples in your country or location choose – traditional or modern. You can surely find the answers online and from there you can decide whether the classic or traditional suits you or not. You can also ask suggestions from friends and relatives but of course you and your future spouse must mutually agree on how you want your wedding to be like.

Your wedding must be made special and so you need to make decisions that you think are rightful so you will not have any regrets.